Coming at 8

By Christopher R. Whalen


He was coming at 8. The weeks had passed so quickly emotionally yet physically the time had not seemed to move. They had barely touched each other since they first met. They were heavily in like and each day began with only the thought of the other in their minds and hearts. 


He was coming at 8. She hadn’t seen him in almost five days. She was so distracted by the thoughts of him at this point that she almost couldn’t function. She began to realize what it meant to need another person to be happy, centered, whole.


To be in his presence seemed to be filled with more than emotion, but as the days passed she realized that what she was feeling was finally true emotion. She had never felt love before him. She realized that now. She giggled to herself as to how many times she thought she had been in love. All the wasted energy, all the wasted time. All the love-making which she now realized was devoid of any true emotion.


He was coming at 8.  The steamy water showering over her head and along her body was so comforting. She hadn’t been able to eat today.


He was coming at 8 and she couldn’t wait for his knock on her door. The past few nights, as they said goodnight before bed, she had whispered I love you as soon as she had hung up. She felt silly about this, but her embarrassment would quickly disappear when he confessed to his doing the same.  She hadn’t kissed him yet. She hadn’t held his hand. He wanted to get to know her. It was important to him.


He was coming at 8 and His heart was beating to the point of the sound almost echoing in the shower stall. 


She dried herself. She danced around the bathroom, with the whimsical innocence of Eliza Doolittle. She grabbed the phone and called him. When he answered, she simply said, “Do hurry, for me…” The house was silent and she stood before her mirror. Her heart and soul were filled with the excitement of 1,000 prom nights as she did her hair. He was on his way. She had to continually catch her breath.  She had to hold her right hand with her left as she applied her mascara because she couldn’t control its shaking.


He was coming at 8.


There was a knock on the door. She vaulted the steps, stood before her front door, composed herself and opened it..………….


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